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Build a business that works for you.

You started a business because you were passionate about your profession and you wanted the flexibility of being self-employed. But somewhere along the way, things got stressful and messy.

If you feel like you are going in circles and always chasing your tail when it comes to cash flow and profits, you’re in the right place.

As well as providing accounting services, AJ Buckingham & Associates will show you how to grow your business without working longer hours so you can achieve your vision and create a more secure financial future.

How We Help

Go from confusion to clarity

Strategic Business Plans

Let’s create a plan to bring your business under control and achieve strategic growth.

Financial Structuring

As financial specialists, we can help ensure you get the correct structure from the get-go.

Budgets and Cash Flow Projections

Unsure of how much profit your business is making, or not sure about your cash balance? We will help make things much clearer.

Risk Management

Protect your business from a worst-case scenario with forward planning and risk management.

Financial Statements & Reports

Get a clear picture of your business’s financial status so you can make better plans for the future.

Data Analytics

Want to understand the numbers that matter? We will help you measure and track your performance on a regular basis so you can help your business to grow.

Obtaining Finance

Planning for future financing needs is critical to ensure you get the finance to achieve your long term goals, without taking unnecessary risks.

Business Valuations & Exit Strategies

Talk to us about what your business is worth now or work with us to plan a future sale so you can maximise the final price.

Purchase or Sale of Businesses

Ready to buy or sell? We provide unbiased support to help you undertake your due diligence or prepare to sell.

Investment Structures & Tax Implications

Confused about how you are taxed on your investments? We’ll make things easier for you.

Negative Gearing

Find out all there is to know about negative gearing and how to minimise tax with strategic investments.

Business Start-ups

Need help to get things off the ground and on the right track? We can help you through the initial phase to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed.