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Work with a team that’s making a difference.

At AJ Buckingham & Associates, we are obsessed with our clients’ success.

More than a basic tax accountant, we offer business advice and take a proactive approach to ensure the small businesses we work with grow and thrive.

If you are a motivated accountant or business coach who wants to do more for the clients, contact us today.

Available Positions

We are seeking a dedicated Senior Business Services Accountant with experience in a public accounting firm providing business services and tax advice to a diverse range of SME’s, individuals and SMSF’s.
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6 Reasons To Choose Us

Go from confusion to clarity

We care about our work

We see ourselves as trusted financial partners, not just accountants.

Melbourne-based practice

Join us in our modern office in a role that suits your skill set and professional goals.

Friendly work environment

Andrew and the team are dedicated, supportive and always encouraging.

Great clients

We see it as a privilege to get to know and support the people we work with.

Small business-focused

Small business accountants and coaches can get big results! You’ll always feel rewarded by the great work you do.

Make a difference

You will be helping families and individuals, not big corporations, showing them how to build better business practices.

Guarantees Business Success
Guarantees Business Success
Why Businesses Fail
Year Tax Planning
Superannuation Contribution
Type Of Customer
Type Of Customer
Poor Business Practice
Poor Business Practice
Poor Business Practice

Hear from our clients

We work with small business owners across Melbourne and beyond.