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Keeping Businesses in the Black.

Too many small business owners suffer because they do not receive enough attention or real support from their accountant.

It is our vision to be recognised as the premier tax accounting and business advice provider in Melbourne.

To achieve this, we deliver the level of service that helps our clients to gain clarity around their finances, build their wealth and prosper for the long term.

Our Story

AJ Buckingham & Associates was established to help small business owners get clarity around their finances and strategically grow their business.

We provide comprehensive taxation services as well as tried-and-tested advice to help you feel more confident about the future of your business.

Our mission is to assist business owners and investors grow their personal wealth by utilising their assets to their full potential and minimising tax in accordance with current legislation.

Talk to us about how our proactive approach can help to transform your business.

Our Team

AJ Buckingham & Associates is a motivated team of financial professionals and Chartered Accountants.

Together, we have a passion for working with business owners and investors who want to make the most of their existing assets so they can strategically grow their business and create a secure financial future.

It’s our goal to make things simple so you can avoid confusion and get the clarity you need to achieve your business and financial goals.

We enjoy building relationships along the way, getting to know our clients and being part of their journey.

Our Values


Trust – we are open and honest in our communications and put our clients’ best interests first.
Respect – we seek first to understand before seeking to be understood
Understanding – we take the time to understand our clients’ businesses and their goals
Solutions – we see problems as opportunities in disguise and think ‘outside the box’
Teamwork – we value loyalty and back each other to achieve the amazing
Education – we stay up to date with best practices and are always learning
Dedication – we can be counted on to do as we promise and always go the extra mile