JobKeeper Update as at 19 August 2020

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Below is a great summary of the JobKeeper scheme, in it’s current format, as provided by the ATO earlier this week (dated 16 August 2020).

Changes to the current program, along with the proposed extension program, continue to be announced, with detailed definitions and guidelines following in the week/s after each announcement.

We are monitoring all of these announcements, definitions, guidelines on a daily basis so we can determine how these programs and changes can benefit your business.

The most important recent announcement saw changes to the Test Date to allow employees to meet the Test Date on 1 July, rather than the original Test Date of 1 March. This change can see employees who were not originally eligible meet the new Test Date and become eligible for the current program, for the months of August and September (the current program runs through to 27 September).

If you have an employee who becomes eligible under this new definition, then please ensure that they have completed and returned the Employee Nomination Form to you no later than Monday 24 August.

Finally, the industry is still waiting for the release of legislation and guidelines in relation to the proposed JobKeeper Extension program (from 28 September 2020 to 27 March 2021) and we will keep you updated as these become available.

If you have any queries around these changes, or just wish to discuss the JobKeeper (or any other stimulus) program in general, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

JobKeeper Payment

This fact sheet provides information on changes to employee eligibility for the JobKeeper Payment ​​

Jobkeeper extension infograph

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JobKeeper Employee Nomination Notice

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