Movember – Help Stop Men Dying too Young!

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Movember is done and dusted for 2019!

Revolutionising Research

From the bottom of my clean-shaven heart we thank you! With your help, we’re shaking it up, revolutionising research and changing the face of men’s health.

Globally, one man takes his own life every minute, of every day. Mental health matters. This was the fourth year in a row for our participation with Andrew growing his ‘Hairy Mo’ and Sheridan taking on the challenge of ‘MOving’/running 100kms to help raise funds.

Our final team tally for this year was $1,655 of donations (total of $19,942 since 2016) ? and a combined distance of 155km run by the team. Thanks to all for your support – friends, family, clients and colleagues alike, the support has been overwhelming again.

I know first hand that the funds raised by #Movember have helped people suffering depression. Furthermore it isn’t just about the donations, to us it’s also about raising awareness and letting people know that it’s okay to look for help, call on friends etc.

Anyway, we all know my reason behind supporting Movember so let’s all try our best to support and look out for each other with the aim of avoiding another tragedy so close to home. #Thankyou

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